Join the Email Teardown Club – the newsletter for messaging fanatics

Communication is subjective. That’s one of those “well duh” statements, until you’re suddenly sitting down to write a message to someone you can’t see, and then… you start to sweat.

Who exactly are you writing to?
Who *aren’t* you writing to?
How do you structure and frame what you’re saying to achieve what you want to achieve?


It’s tempting to look at Stuff Other People Have Written and draw objective conclusions about whether it’s “good” or “bad”. But what if you’re not the intended audience? What if there was a different way to get the ideas you’re looking for – to be part of the action, in the moment, seeing what works and what doesn’t?

That’s why I set up this email list.

Once every few weeks, I guinea-pig myself on an actual email I’ve been sent out in the wild. I figure out whether it worked on me or not, and I use my background in copywriting to unpack what’s going on behind the words.

This approach has helped me learn to put together better communications, and I want it to help you too.

“I am member of a Toastmaster's public speaking club since end 2019 and the onboarding was confusing. A few different platforms, committee members that all came and asked me stuff...
I wished there was a mail, with meeting recaps, tips, all the links to social media, upcoming events with dates and links.
So in summer, when I became a committee member myself, I created a newsletter with Mailchimp. With all the things I learned from you I feel and felt confident enough to do that in a compelling way.
Everybody loves it! I send it to club members and guests we had and the audience grew to over 50 now with a satisfying opening rate of 70% :)”

– List member Nina Prager

P.S. Know any other messaging fanatics? Get ‘em on board too!